HDMI to RJ45 Extension Adapter over Through Cat5/Cat6 Port Up to 30m


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HDMI Video Extender-Compatible with RJ45 4K 3D HDTV 1.4 Up to 30M Extension to RJ45 over Cat 5E / 6 Network LAN Ethernet Adapter
Product Introduction
The compatible HDMI Extender of CAT-5e / 6 cable can only use any of the CAT-5e / 6 cables to extend the 1080P HDTV display to 30 meters. The adapter can not only exceed the transmission length limitation of the HDMI compatible cable, but also have more flexibility and convenience in the construction of the cable.
Product features
A pair of complete functional modules, without adjustment.
1. Connect the RJ45 port of transmitter and receiver with CAT-5E / 6 network wire
2. CAT-5e / 6 cable can replace HDMI compatible cable for long distance transmission.
3. The network line follows the standard of IEEE-568B. Using CAT-6 cable, the transmission distance can be up to 30 meters.
5. The product is compact and practical.
6. Transmitter and receiver are used in pairs, without adjustment, without external power supply.
7. Signal rate up to 2.5Gbps, support 4K (10M CAT6) 1080P (30M CAT6), This section does not support HDCP ;

Package Contents: 
1x HDMI Compatible TX Signal Adapter (Network Cable Not Included)
1x HDMI Compatible RX Signal Adapter (Network Cable Not Included)


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