Dahua IMOU - Wireless Alarm System WIFI with PIR Motion Detector, Door Contact alarm, Siren, Remote control for Home Security

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Alarm station

Alarm station is the center of a smart alarm system to protect your home 24/7.

It keeps your alarm system online and connected to up to 32 imou detectors.

When the imou detects an intrusion, the alarm station will ring and the volume can reach up to 65db.

You will also receive an instant alert message on the imou app.

Movement detector

The motion sensor is shaped to be placed on a shelf, glued to a wall, or built into the corner to protect what you care about.

 It detects break-ins with PIR sensor: the detection range is 12M (39.4ft) and the field of view is 90 °.

You will receive an instant alert message on your imou app when someone breaks in.

Door Contact

The door contact is your first line of defense against break-ins. Place the door contact on your door or window to prevent unauthorized entry.

You will receive an alert message on the imou app when someone opens your door or window.

It is battery powered and you can easily install it with double sided tape.


Siren can be used as a home security system with imou detectors.

It can also be linked to the Airefly compatible WIFI camera for security protection.

When the imou sensor detects an intrusion, siren will sound and the volume can reach up to 85db.

Remote control

The remote control is a lightweight portable remote control that allows you to choose multiple fronm modes.

Associated with imou alarm station. You can choose exit mode / home mode / disarm mode / emergency bututton


Kit Includes:

Alarm Station x 1

Motion Detector x 4

Door Contact x 4

Alarm Siren x 2

Remote Control x 4

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